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Prosthetic provisions, supply of prosthetic devices, supports, orthoses

devices, accessories, provisions and services aimed at recovering personal autonomy, improving environmental and housing accessibility that allow reintegration into life of relationship.

20 luglio 2020

Art. 90 Unique Text - The insurer is obliged to provide for the first supply of prosthesis devices and equipment suitable to reduce the degree of disability, as well as to renew them, when the term established by the Institute itself has elapsed at the purpose of ensuring the good maintenance of the devices by the injured person, except in cases of inefficiency or breakage not attributable to the injured person, as well as any other prosthetic assistance.
The service consists in the supply of technical devices (prostheses, orthoses and supports) listed in the Tariff Nomenclator (decree of the Ministry of Health 332/1999) and personalized not included in the aforementioned Tariff Nomenclator; other devices, accessories, provisions and services aimed at recovering personal autonomy, improving environmental and housing accessibility that allow reintegration into life of relationship.
Specifically, INAIL intervenes in:
• construction of works to break down and overcome architectural barriers in the home; (from article 37 to 43)
• carries out the supply or reimbursement of the purchase costs of special commands and adaptations or modifications of motor vehicles (art. 40) of assisted or family members who have them fiscally dependent;
•  the supply of IT aids, home automation systems and other technological equipment; (from articles 41 to 43)
• the technical adaptation of sports equipment (art.36) in order to allow its use for people with disability as well as in the supply of supports specially made for the disabled person who requests it for the exercise of a sport (i.e.: wheelchair basketball, mono-ski, hand-bike).
In addition to the supply, INAIL provides for the maintenance, repair (articles 19.20) and the renewal of the technical device (table annex 4) provided, in the modality provided by the circular INAIL 61/2011 (Inail prosthetic regulation).
Facilitate the maximum possible recovery of autonomy and the enhancement of psychophysical resources, the promotion of quality of life, accessibility and reintegration into the life of relationship of the person with work disability.
With Title IV of the regulation, support interventions are initiated into the life of relationship.
The provision of the technical device takes place: 
• upon proposal, prescription and subsequent testing by the medical director Inail on the occasion of
medical examination;
• at the request of the interested party in the Inail Territorial Unit, with a positive opinion from the offices
administrative and the Medical Director who will prescribe and test;
• on the initiative of the multidisciplinary team of the Territorial Direction.
Its provision can take place at:
• the Inail prosthesis center in Vigorso di Budrio (BO), its Rome branch and the customer points of
Milan, Rome and Bari;
• companies registered with the Ministry of Health (only for customized systems) and / or subjects authorized to be placed on the market, distributed or sold in accordance with current legislation.
None, except in cases where the cost of the device provided to the insured by an external supplier is higher than that authorized by INAIL. In this case, the difference in amount will be paid by the insured.
 For more information
  • toll-free number 800.810.810
  • from abroad and via mobile at 06 455 39 607 (the cost of the call is linked to the tariff plan of the operator used)
  • write to the expert:

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