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Covid 19 - Communication of competent doctor extended to 31 July 2022 the deadline for sending data in attached 3B

The deadline for sending information relating to collective aggregate and health risk data of workers subjected to health surveillance in the year 2021 has been extended to 31 July 2022

2 marzo 2022

In application of art. 4, co. 1 of the Ministerial Decree 9 July 2012, as amended by the Ministerial Decree 6 August 2013 and the subsequent Ministerial Decree 12 July 2016, the communication of data must be carried out exclusively electronically, through the use of the Inail IT platform:
 "Competent doctor communication", available on the institutional portal> Services for you> Healthcare operators> Competent doctor.
Circular of the Ministry of Health 16 February 2022

Legislative decree 81/2008, in art. 40 paragraph 1 states: "Within the first quarter of the year following the reference year, the competent doctor transmits, exclusively electronically, to the competent services for the area the information, processed highlighting the gender differences, relating to the collective health aggregate data and risk of workers, subjected to health surveillance according to the model in ATTACHMENT 3B ".
Therefore, the sending of the attachment, with the data of the health surveillance to which the workers are subjected by the competent doctor, would have to be carried out by 31 March 2022.
The sending of attachment 3B, as an administrative requirement, is of considerable importance for monitoring the health surveillance to which the workers are subjected, so much so that a specific technical group has been set up within the undersigned Directorate General, consisting of institutions and companies scientific, aimed at improving the use of data and optimizing the request and collection of information by competent doctors.
The importance of this data source is also recalled in several parts in the National Prevention Plan 2020-2025, both among the central lines of action and in the predefined plans.
However, the loading of the competent doctors, the difficulty of the situation linked to the management of the COVID-19 emergency, the operational peculiarity of periodic health surveillance in this pandemic phase does not allow the appropriate sending of data within the time required by law and therefore, in order to allow the competent doctors to better manage the forwarding of data, the extension to 31 July 2022 of the sending of the data in annex 3B relating to the year 2021 is disposed.
Legislative framework
  • Legislative Decree 81/2008, in art. 40
  • Circular of the Ministry of Health January 14, 2021 prot. n. 1330

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