INAIL - One-off allowance in case of death

The amount of the one-off or funeral allowance for survivors is fixed at € 10,000.00.

10 luglio 2020

In the industrial and agricultural sectors, as of January 1, 2019, the amount of the one-off survivors' allowance is fixed at amount of € 10,000.00, in accordance with the law of December 30, 2018, n. 145, art. 1 paragraph 1126 letter i. The revaluation of this allowance will start from the year 2020. The economic feature provided by the Inail is not subject Irpef taxation.

In addition to survivors' annuities, for the deaths of the Inail income due to accident or occupational disease, the allowance is paid to the surviving spouse or civilly joined, in the absence of the children or in the absence of these to the ascendants, or in the absence of the latter to brothers and sisters (art.85 TU).
 If the aforementioned survivors do not exist, the allowance is paid to anyone who proves to have incurred the expenses on the occasion of the death of the worker to the extent corresponding to the spending incurred within the maximum limit of the amount provided for the survivors entitled to an annuity.
The allowance is revalued annually, starting from 1 July of each year, with a special decree of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies, in agreement with the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Ministry of Health, based on the variation actual consumer prices.
Inail Circular no. 30 of 8 November 2019
For radiological doctors affected by the action of X-rays and radioactive substances, the amount of the one-off survivors' allowance is related to the salary of € 61,385.80, according to the following percentages:
1. one third of the spouse's survival wages with children who meet the requisites;
2. a quarter in the case of survival of only the spouse or only the children with the requisites;
3. one sixth in the other cases.
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