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Article 17 Maintenance and repair costs for devices

Inail Regulation for the provision of interventions costs of maintenance or repair of the devices

15 agosto 2022

Regulations for the provision of interventions for the functional recovery of the person, for autonomy and for reintegration into relational life.

The Regulation is divided into four Headings, the first of which contains the provisions common to all types of interventions, while the following three contain specific provisions for each of the three types defined by it.
Heading III Interventions for autonomy
Article 17 (Maintenance and repair costs of devices)

  1. The costs of maintenance or repair of devices not carried out directly by INAIL are borne by the Institute only if the maintenance or repair has been previously authorized.
  2. In the absence of authorization, the Institute will bear the costs, as resulting from the invoices issued by the supplier, up to the amount deemed appropriate, only after verifying the need and urgency of maintenance or repair. 
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To deepen:
Inail Circular no. 7 Rome, January 28, 2022

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