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Regulations for the provision of interventions for the functional recovery of the person, for autonomy and for reintegration in relational life

The Regulation is divided into four Headings, the first of which contains the provisions common to all types of interventions, while the next three contain specific provisions for each of the three types defined by itself.

14 marzo 2022

Chapter IV Interventions for reintegration into relational life
Article 20 Provision of interventions

1. The interventions referred to in this Heading are provided by INAIL through its own structures, also making use of agreements stipulated with the Regions, pursuant to article 8, of the framework agreement approved on February 2, 2012 by the Standing Conference for the relations between the State, the Regions and the Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano, of forms of co-programming and co-planning and accreditation with third sector entities and / or services acquired on the market.

2. The interventions that require the work of a professional qualified to exercise the specific health profession or auxiliary health art are provided indirectly when the injured person / technopathic, in exercising the freedom of therapeutic choice, independently identifies the sanitary operator.

3. In these cases, INAIL acquires the preventive of the chosen health care facility or operator and, verifying the appropriateness of the intervention or interventions and the appropriateness of the amount requested, authorizes the payment, supporting the relative burden up to the fee of the amount that was adequate.

4. The devices referred to in Article 19, Letter d) must always be previously authorized by the Institute and the related supply, directly or indirectly, must be in compliance with the provisions of Heading II.
To Deepen:
Inail Circular no. 7 Rome, January 28, 2022
The Regulation defines in clear and univucus terms the distinction between direct and indirect payment.
The direct form occurs every time the Institute provides the intervention in favor of the recipient through its own structures or through a supplier selected by the same Institute on the market, to which the competent Inail Structure directly sends the relative order. The point of reference for the qualification of direct disbursement is the Institute as a whole, as the body managing the entire disbursement process, even when the disbursement itself is entrusted to an operator identified by Inail. Therefore, both the type of organizational structure that provides the supply material or makes the order to the selected operator, and any preliminary intermediate steps between the Institute's Structures, are irrelevant.
The indirect form is configured only when the intervention is provided by a qualified operator, independently chosen by the injured person / technopathic. The autonomous choice of supplier by the injured person / technopathic is allowed in the cases described below.
The relevance of the will of the injured person / technopathic in the choice of supplier is recognized, first of all, in implementation of the principle of freedom of therapeutic choice. The right to free choice of doctor, or other health care practitioner, of direct constitutional derivation, is, in fact, expressly enshrined, with a general provision, also by ordinary legislation, in particular by article 33 of the health reform law no. 833/1978, as a right relating to the dignity of the person in the context of civil and political rights. It follows that the aforementioned principle is applied with regard to devices built or fitted to measure by a professional qualified to exercise the specific health profession or auxiliary health art and to those of continuous or series manufacturing which, to guarantee correct use, must be applied by a licensed healthcare professional. The principle is also applied with regard to any other intervention, the implementation of which requires the work of a professional qualified to exercise the specific health profession or auxiliary health art, exclusively or in synergy with other types of professionalism. The relevance of the will of the injured person / technopathic is also recognized in compliance with the principle of home protection, understood as a place of residence. In this regard, the principles set by the current legislation do not allow the Institute to require the injured person / technopathic to access his home by operators selected by the Institute for the construction of masonry works, functional adjustments and plant modifications. Compliance with the aforementioned principle requires that the aforementioned operators must be selected by the injured person / technopathic, without prejudice to the assessment, by Inail, of the appropriateness and adequacy of the intervention.
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