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Frequently asked questions and answers on insurance against domestic accidents

Answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning accident insurance and domestic accidents

12 gennaio 2022

What requirements do you need to have to be insured? 
To insure against domestic accidents, the following requirements must be met:
  • be aged between 18 and 67 years old;
  • carry out free domestic work for the care of family members and of the environment in which they live, without subordination constraints: 
By "domestic work" one means the activities carried out in a habitual and exclusive way on one's own home of residence or domicile and in neighboring spaces, such as attics, cellars, gardens and balconies. If the property is part of a condominium, the common areas, such as entrance hall, stairs, terraces, etc. are also considered as domestic areas. INAIL insurance also covers the temporary residences chosen for the holidays, provided that they are located in Italian territory.

Is it compulsory to insure? 
Yes, insurance is compulsory by law. Those in possession of the insurance requirements provided by law are required to pay the insurance premium of 24 euros per year.
For subjects who, despite possessing the insurance requirements, do not pay the premium is foreseen the application by INAIL of an additional sum on the premium due up to an amount maximum of 24 euros.
For whom is insurance compulsory?
Insurance is compulsory for anyone between the ages of 18 and 67 who carries out continuous, exclusive and free care of home and the people who live there. The subjects required to register, as long as they deal with the care of home in a non-occasional way, also include:
  • students who live in a location other than the city of residence and who take care of the environment in which they live;
  • boys and girls of age awaiting their first employment, who work exclusively in the home for the care of family members;
  • pensioners who have not exceeded 67 years;
  • foreign citizens who regularly stay in Italy and have no other occupation;
  • workers on the move, on redundancy fund or beneficiaries of benefits paid by the wage supplementation funds;
  • workers who receive unemployment benefits provided for by the laws in force following the involuntary loss of employment;
  • subjects who carry out a work activity that does not cover the whole year (seasonal workers, temporary workers, fixed term employment workers).
Part-time work, do I have to pay the insurance?
Yes, individuals who carry out work that does not cover the entire year are required to pay the insurance premium for the entire amount, but the insurance coverage operates only in the periods in which the subject carries out domestic work exclusively.
Occasional work, do I have to pay the Insurance?
Yes, those who carry out odd jobs during the year are required to pay the insurance premium for the entire amount, but the insurance coverage operates only for the periods in which the domestic work is carried out exclusively.
I receive my pension - do I have to pay domestic accident insurance? 
Yes, even pensioners up to the age of 67 are among the subjects who must by law
insured. Those who turn 67 during the year must pay the premium and the insurance coverage is effective until 31 December of the same year.

How can I register for the first time? 
From 1 January 2020, those in possession of the requirements must submit the application exclusively electronically, through the INAIL website, by accessing the section of online services reserved for domestic accident insurance and selecting the "Application for registration and request for payment notice ".
In order to submit the request, it is necessary to use SPID (Public Digital Identity System), CNS (National Service Card) or CIE (electronic identity card).
The application for registration must be submitted at least 2 days before the date of maturity of the insurance requirements (e.g. completion of the 18th year, start of domestic work in Exclusive way, etc.). It is not allowed to submit the application more than 30 days before the date of maturity of the requirements.
How much does it cost to take out insurance? 
The annual cost of the insurance (called "premium"), which cannot be divided on a monthly basis and deductible for tax purposes, is 24 euros.
For subjects already enrolled the previous year, the premium must be paid every year by January 31 in order to maintain the insurance coverage for the following year without interruption.
For new registered subjects, the premium must be paid within the deadline indicated on the Payment Notice that is issued by the online service "Application for registration and request for payment notification" and the insurance coverage operates from the day following the payment of the premium.
What are the ways to pay INAIL insurance against domestic accidents? 
Payment of the premium can be made directly online via a special link to the PagoPA system, which allows you to proceed with the payment and / or print the Payment Notice. It is not possible to pay the premium by bank transfer or blank postal order.
You can pay online by card or debit your current account via PagoPA:
  • on the INAIL website;
  • on the Poste Italiane website;
  • on the website of banks or other service providers contained in this list (available on
You can pay in person by card or cash:
  • in the offices of the Italian Post Office;
  • at the bank;
  • at an ATM;
  • at authorized tobacconists and supermarkets.
I have not an income, do I have to pay the Insurance? 
The insurance premium is paid by the State for all subjects who meet the requirements
income required by law.
In particular, those who have a total gross personal income of up to 4,648.11 euros per year and are part of a family unit whose total gross income does not exceed 9,296.22 euros per year are entitled to exemption from the payment of the premium. To determine these limits, it is necessary to refer to the total gross personal and family income declared for personal income tax purposes the year preceding the submission of the substitute declaration.
From 1 January 2020, subjects who intend to insure with exemption from the payment of the premium must register by submitting the application for registration every year exclusively through the online service "Application for registration and renewal with substitutive declaration" (automatic renewal is not provided).
How can I renew home accident insurance? 
The insurance is renewed with the payment of the insurance premium to be made by January 31 of each year. In case of renewal, a copy of the PagoPA payment notice delivered to the insured is also available on the online service "View and print payment notice" available within online services dedicated to the insurance.
Persons for whom the payment of the premium is paid by the State must register annually,
always by January 31, exclusively through the online service “Application for registration e
renewal with declaration ", by submitting the appropriate application certifying the existence of the requirements income. To access the online services available on the INAIL website, it is necessary to have SPID (Public Digital Identity System), CNS (National Service Card) or CIE (electronic identity card) credentials.
I already have domestic accident insurance: do I also have to pay INAIL insurance? 
Yes, the insurance is compulsory and can be combined with other types of insurance.
I had an accident: what is the procedure for applying for the related economic provisions? who should I contact? 
In case of an accident, you must contact either the emergency room of a hospital or your doctor. At the time of the visit, the injured person, or whoever accompanies him, must specify that it is an injury that occurred in home. For the purpose of recognizing the event as an injury in home and for the initiation of the related request, it is necessary to submit to Inail a suitable application for the provision of economic services together with the medical certification certifying the date of clinical recovery (first day on which you are able to return to work) and the permanent damage residual from the accident.
It is possible to contact a Patronage to be assisted in all phases of the investigation of the accident procedure.
What are the expected benefits in the event of an accident? 
The expected economic provisions are:
  • one-off service, i.e. a sum of money in cases where it is ascertained, as a consequence of a domestic accident, a permanent inability of between 6% and 15%;
  • direct annuity if the permanent inability ascertained, as a consequence of the domestic accident, is equal to or more than 16%;
  • allowance for ongoing personal assistance to annuity holders with permanent inability equal to 100%, ascertained as a result of a domestic accident and suffering from specific impairments;
  • survivors' annuity and related one-off allowance if the accident resulted in death;
  • Benefit Fund of support for the families of victims of serious accidents at work, i.e. a sum of money for surviving family members. 
Can I unsubscribe? How can I do? 
The insured person is required to notify Inail, through the appropriate "Cancellation" function available within the online services, of the lack of insurance requirements (i.e. no longer carrying out domestic work exclusively, without bond of subordination and free of charge).
If the communication is made during the year, one is not entitled to a refund of the premium paid for that year. It is not necessary to provide for the aforementioned communication by persons who are 68 years of age.
I changed my home, how can I notify INAIL? 
One can communicate the change in your home or residence address through the online services dedicated to insurance on the INAIL website, by logging in with the appropriate credentials and changing the address data.

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