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The activities of the Inail Medical Director

The provisions of Inail are usually provided after the medical-legal assessment. What are the verification tasks of the Medical Director?

12 ottobre 2020

Injured / technopathic sufferers have the right to the provision due to the nature, location, extent and type of injury or illness recognized by Inail and / or, for some provisions, the family members of the worker who died from work.
The provision is obtained when the Medical Director verifies the documentation and expresses the medical-legal judgment. If he considers necessary, he can invite the injured / technopathic or his family member to visit, request further clinical and / or instrumental investigations, request further necessary documentation.
The medical-legal activities are as follows:
Investigations of the causal link in the field of accidents, including domestic ones, and occupational diseases:
  • The Inail Medical Director must verify the regularity of the case and, therefore, in case of an injury, if the injuries are actually attributable to the dynamics of the reported event, if the disabling outcomes are attributable to the initial injuries diagnosed in the clinic, if it is recognizable a violent cause or if the reported situation is rather referable to diseases or injuries from which the worker was already suffering. In case of an occupational disease, the Medical Director must establish whether the reported disease was caused or con-caused by the work done.  
Assessment on the subject of Absolute Temporary Inability.
  • The Inail Medical Director evaluates the temporary inability of the worker to attend to his occupation. Therefore, the duration of absolute temporary inability may not coincide with clinical recovery. 
Assessment and review of permanent posthumous.
  • Once the period of absolute temporary inability is concluded, the Medical Director ascertains whether any impairments remain and assesses the permanent inability. The assessment of the posthumous. can also be provisional. in this case, the worker will be invited to visit again after some time to verify his or her invalidity. The disabling context may be subject to revision. 
Medical-legal assessments and opinions regarding:
  • concessions of Continuous Personal Assistance (APC)
  • concessions of the check for non-placement
  • concessions of an annuity to survivors, including assistance at autopsies 
Medical-legal investigations (regularity, causal link, period of Absolute Temporary Inability):
  •  in the context of regional Colleges for the implementation of the Inps / Inail Convention.  
Medico-legal investigations on:
  • subsistence / persistence of the inability status of unable children of age, due to the various provisions.
  • residual capacity also for the purpose of targeted placement. 
Medical-legal activities in the context:
  • administrative litigation (collegial visits with doctors of legal aid / fiduciary doctors). The injured person / technopathic can forward an opposition to the provision issued, based on art. 104 of the Consolidated Law 1124/1965, attaching a medical certificate from which the supporting elements of the application emerge. If the request is accepted, a joint visit will be carried out between the Inail medical director and the doctor of the legal aid / fiduciary doctor, which will be followed by the writing of a minutes with an agreed or disagreeing judgement.
  • of judicial litigation. The injured person / technopathic can appeal against the decisions of the Institute. As a rule, the Medical Director prepares defense notes and / or counter-arguments and participates in the Technical Consultancy Defender (CTU). 
Medical-legal activities on the
  • assessment of the conditions of the worker following the phyisiatric visit aimed at drawing up the individual rehabilitation plan (Pri) for the initiation of the injured / technopathic worker to non-hospital rehabilitation treatments falling within the supplementary levels of assistance (Lia) provided both directly and indirectly 
Legal medical activities in the context of prescriptions for:
   • hydro-thermal treatments and climatic stays
   • testing of technical devices
Opinion on reimbursement of pharmaceutical specialties.

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