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Inail reimburses 60% of the remuneration for reemployment into work

Inail has issued two circulars referring to the Regulations for the reemployment/ insertion and integration of people with disability into work

3 settembre 2020

 Reimbursement of 60% of the remuneration:

on the cessation of the state of absolute temporary incapacity, one cannot return to work without the implementation of the interventions identified in the aforementioned project and is reimbursed by the INAIL to the employer in the amount of 60 percent of what is actually paid.

The operating instruction of 22 July 2020 makes it clear that self-employed workers, although included among the recipients of work reemployment interventions as subjects insured at INAIL, are not among the beneficiaries of the reimbursement of remuneration.
Paycheck transmission must take place from the date of manifestation of the will by the employer who:
• in the case of a project developed by the multidisciplinary team, it coincides with that of the formal acquisition of the availability of the employer and of the worker to collaborate with the Institute in identifying the interventions necessary for reemployment into the workplace, after completing the form "Availability manifestation ", Annex 1, which must sign both the employer and the worker.
• in case of a project developed by the employer, however, the expression of willingness to activate the project coincides with that of presentation of the project itself to the Inail.
Finally, in case that the employer, prior to the presentation of the project, has already communicated to Inail, in agreement with the worker, the intention to proceed with the implementation of the reintegration interventions, the manifestation of will coincides with the date of subscription of the "Manifestation availability" form, annex 1.
Ann. 1 - Manifestation of availability
(.pdf - 82 kb)
The instructions also clarify that the relative paycheck signed by the employer or his consultant must be attached to each of the pay packets, in which the gross amounts of the following items are analytically reported:
• monthly basic salary, "fixed elements supplementing the basic salary i.e. EDR, super minimum etc.)",
• overtime pay if referring to months falling within the period to be reimbursed, amount of holidays falling on Sunday, amount of provisions in kind, board and lodging, travel allowance, allowance / increase amount per diem, transport, night work, holidays, accrual thirteenth and other additional months, percentage of the production bonus referring to months falling within the period covered by the reimbursement.
For the communication of the remuneration data relating to the entire reimbursement period, it is necessary to complete the "Communication of remuneration data" form, annex 2, which must be subscribed by the employer or his delegate.
Annex 2 - Communication of remuneration data
(.pdf - 212 kb)
Interested parties must contact the Inail office that is the employee's home address.
Regulations for the reemployment and work integration of people with work disability

di Rosanna Giovedi - traduzione di Antonio Dehonestis


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