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Covid-19, Inail and accident recognition at work

note of March 17, 2020, prot. n. 3675 clarifies the accident reporting procedures for healthcare facility operators

19 marzo 2020

With the note dated 17 March 2020, clarifications are provided regarding the management of abstention from work of employees of health facilities exposed to the infection of the new coronavirus.
For more information see the note of 17 March 2020, prot. n. 3675. 
The note clarifies that the contests from Covid-19 of doctors, nurses and other operators of health structures in general, employees of the National Health Service and, in general, of any other public or private health structure insured with the Institute, occurred in the workplace or for reasons determined by carrying out the work activity, are classified in the category of accidents at work.
The local health authority or hospital structure, the private health structure belonging to the injured staff, as public or private employers, must fulfill the obligation to carry out, as for other accident cases, the report/communication of accident.
For employers insured with Inail, the obligation to report accidents for statistical and information purposes is however considered fulfilled with the accident report/communication.
Furthermore, the obligation of the certifying doctor to transmit the medical certificate of the accident to the Institute remains valid.
For administrative purposes, it is clarified that the calculation of the starting date of the Inail protection, the recognition is from the date of positive attestation of the occurrence of the infection through a specific confirmation test, by the health authorities.
The treatment of the period of absence of employees of the administrative health service of the local health companies and of the public or private health structures insured with Inail is managed as described below:
  1. employees placed in quarantine for reasons of public health. In these cases, since there is no evidence of the contraction of the infection, the conditions for the accident and therefore for the intervention of the Institute do not exist;
  2. employees who test positive for the specific confirmation test are admitted to INAIL protection;
  3. employees who are positive for the specific confirmation test placed in quarantine or in home isolation, there is admission to INAIL protection.
The protection covers the entire period of quarantine and any subsequent period due to prolonged illness that determines an absolute temporary inability for work.
Quarantined healthcare workers for public health reasons are excluded, unless they are positive for the confirmation test and, in this case, they are protected for the entire quarantine period and any subsequent period due to the prolongation of illness that causes an inability temporary work.
In the event that, finally, the infectious events occurred during the journey from home to work, the hypothesis of an on-going accident is configured

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